Senior & Associate Pastors

Bill & Anne Chilcote
Senior Pastors

    Bill and Ann Chilcote are the Senior Pastors and founders of My Fathers House Ministries International.
Bill and Ann are passionate lovers of God with a desire to experience intimacy with the Father and to bring others into an encounter with Father God. If you do not have an encounter, all you have is theory. You must experience Him.

    Bill is a prophetic revivalist at heart, known for his ministry on the Father heart of God, blended with God's healing, deliverance and teaching on the Kingdom. This teaching has impacted many people with a life changing encounter and a fresh passion in their hearts for more of a relationship with the Holy Spirit. people are taught to live in His power and presence, beholding Him. There is only one thing that I desire, to be in His presence and behold His beauty.

Ann has a call as a prophetic seer, through pictures and the word of knowledge. The Lord has given her a heart for broken people held captive. She has a desire to see them set free. Ann is a worshipper and hungers for the presence of God.

Scout Houck
Associate Pastor

    Scott Houck is a true worshiper of God. Seeking to daily draw into a closer more intimate relationship with his heavenly Father. God has blessed Scott as a visionary, with the ability to operate in the prophetic, speaking the love of God into a lost & dying world and bringing hope where there was no hope.


Scott's hearts desire is to help & equip people to fulfill the destiny that God has for each of their lives. Scott believes that until we learn how to become a servant & esteem others higher than ourselves, that we will never fulfill that destiny. God is calling us back to servant hood so that He can send us to the nations to spread gospel love

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