Services & Times


    Here at My Father's House we have several opportunities for you to come and minister and be ministered to.  Feel free to come and join us!

Celebration Service

Sundays @ 10:00am


    Our celebration services can be a little different each week.  Our service usually begins with a time of worship where we minister to the Lord through song, dance, and the waving of banners. We then usually have a time of teaching which sometimes is followed by a time of ministry. However our heart is to flow with the Holy Spirit. This can come in the form of prophecy, prayer, healing, or extended worship. Come join us and bless the Lord as well as be blessed yourself




House of Prayer and Worship
Check the upcoming events, calendar, or monthly newsletter for "His Move" and "House of Prayer Gathering"
    My Father's House Ministries is called to be a House of Prayer. One of the main prophecies over this congregation is that we would be a prayer and worship center for this community and region.


Click here for more information on the House of Prayer and Worship


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