A Call to Worship

The Lord says: "I am raising up a tribe of worshipers. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah is in your midst, in your home, and places of worship. It will establish high places in your gatherings, your home, and in your life.

I send my worshipers out ahead of the army, for my power will be released in praise. I am about to play the strings of your heart as I sing over you, It will be the frequency of my voice that will come all over your spirit, your home, your gatherings, and your community. Breakthrough will surely come to you and your house, my house, My Father's House."

When we worship God all praise goes through the second heaven on it's way to the throne room. You explode through the kingdom of darkness like a missile. You shatter that place of darkness to pieces causing a portal to open to the third heaven. The Father comes down and inhabits your praise and is enthroned in you. When He comes He does not come alone. He brings His heavenly hosts, His angels, His breakthrough angels to breakthrough every situation in your life. It causes the enemy to have to effect in your life. It's a place where you can love God and destroy the enemy at the same time. So stop wrestling with the flesh and blood. He alone, The Lord God almighty, is worthy of all praise.

Pray this prayer: "Father I am a weapon in Your hands. I'm going to create an atmosphere of heaven around me. A habitation for heaven to come to earth. I will praise You because You are worthy of all praise. I get to love You and destroy the kingdom of darkness at the same time. What an awesome God You are! Create in me the heart of a worshiper, I want to be some one after Your own heart.-Amen"

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