Hide and Seek

The Lord says, "seek and you will find Me." Whether you have found Him or not, I heard Him say; "It's My turn NOW! Read or not here I come!"

You are about ready to find yourself in Him, an out pouring of His Holy Spirit. This will be about relationship. This will be about the heartbeat of the Father. He in you and you in Him.

This move of God will be about the Holy Spirit, the presence of God, and the Glory of God. You will encounter a Damascus Road experience, a fear and awe of God. This move is about an encounter with God in which a bond of trust will be established between you and God. God's spirit, the Holy Spirit, revealing Himself. You will see yourself the way God sees you. Like Isaiah 6, you will be undone as He fills your temple. You will no longer see yourself as you see yourself, As a coal of the altar touches your lips, you will see yourself as God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit sees you.

You will be ready to be revealed as Sons of God. You will say; "Here I am, send me!"

This is a love story that will end well. This movement, this awakening, will be about His love. It will be about an intimate relationship of the Bride and Bridegroom. That is what His church was always intended to be. "Ready or not, here I come for My Bride!"

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